Nanaimo is Vancouver Island’s second largest city, with an estimated population of approximately 88,000. Centrally located, Nanaimo is a gateway to the outdoor playground that is Vancouver Island. Hop on a short 20-minute flight from downtown Vancouver or jump in the car for a quick one-and-a-half hour drive up from Victoria, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what the “Harbour City” has to offer. World-class sport fishing and scuba diving, year-round golf, and a wealth of parks, trails, and recreational opportunities are just a few of the many reasons Nanaimo’s residents could never picture living anywhere else.

With single-family homes selling in 2014 having a median sale price of $355,000 and waterfront homes having a median sale price of $682,000, Nanaimo’s Real Estate market continues to offer compelling value for homeowners and Real Estate investors alike.