Dr. Gilles Wendling Discusses His Firm’s Move To And Experience Operating In Pacific Station


Written by on August 25th, 2017

In marketing a commercial real estate project, it is our job to paint an accurate picture of what operating in a specific development would be like and how it will ultimately benefit a business making such a move. Pacific Station is such a unique opportunity for professional practices in Nanaimo that it is fairly easy for us to make a compelling case that NOT moving to Pacific Station would be doing a disservice to the future growth prospects for your business. However, at the end of the day this is our take. What you probably want to know is how the move has impacted the existing businesses that have moved into and have been successfully operating from the first two commercial phases of the project.

Therefore, in the third of a series of short videos featuring a range of professional businesses already operating in the development, Dr Gilles Wendling, President of GW Solutions Inc.,  discusses his firm’s experience moving to and conducting business in Pacific Station.

Why did you decide to purchase office space in Pacific Station?

So location was critical and then I was really appealed by the architecture, by the light coming in the unit, so that was a key factor. I still the first time I reached the top of the stairs and I saw the those huge windows and the  light pouring into the unit. I said you know, this will be a great space to work. I think the frame was great, high ceilings were a great foundation to build and to achieve what we have achieved. I wanted my clients to come up the stairs and say, “wow, this is a great place, the quality of the space is good, so therefore they are doing good work.” The feedback that I got from my clients were like “wow! This is a great place you know.”

Describe your experience working with Westmark Construction

This has been my first experience dealing with commercial building, and it was an important decision. I selected this building, the frame, because I knew it was Westmark, and Westmark has a very good reputation for quality, and we could see it from outside. Then, I also selected Westmark for the interior design and construction. For me this building is an investment, and I wanted this investment to have value in time, so that is one of the key reasons I went with Westmark. And then, it was a good experience after the fact, I think we can see the quality outside and inside, and every day I come to this office it is a pleasure to come and work here.

How has your professional practice benefitted from locating in this prestigious business community?

The people who have moved here and invested in the buildings, I believe they are all hard workers, and for them quality is important, image is important. So, I think when clients pull in the parking lot, they can see this is a strong building. Then, when they come up the stairs, they also realize that this is high quality space, and this is therefore space where good quality work is being produced. So connecting external architecture, internal architecture, to what is being produced by the quality of the team, by the brain and the heart of the people here, is good. So, I think we are proud of what we do, and we have the space to show it.

For more information on the commercial offices available at Pacific Station, please contact Commercial Real Estate Advisor Devin Jahelka at 250-751-0804 or info@jahelkagroup.com