Edwin Johnston of Cutting Room Creative Discusses His Firm’s Experience at Pacific Station


Written by on March 21st, 2017

In marketing a commercial real estate project, it is our job to paint an accurate picture of what operating in a specific development would be like and how it will ultimately benefit a business making such a move. Pacific Station is such a unique opportunity for professional practices in Nanaimo that it is fairly easy for us to make a compelling case that NOT moving to Pacific Station would be doing a disservice to the future growth prospects for your business. However, at the end of the day this is our take. What you probably want to know is how the move has impacted the existing businesses that have moved into and have been successfully operating from the first two commercial phases of the project.

Therefore, in the second of a series of short videos featuring a range of professional businesses already operating in the development, Edwin Johnston, Artistic Director at Cutting Room Creative, discusses his firm’s experience moving to and conducting business in Pacific Station.

How has the move to Pacific Station benefited your business?

Well we’ve loved the move to Pacific Station. It has given us a much more modern look for our salon, for our business. You know we are in the beauty industry and we want to be in an environment where we have nice clean modern lines, a visible location, we’ve got highway visibility, a nice busy road, so it’s been a great move for us.

Describe your experience working with Westmark Construction…

We’ve loved working with Westmark Construction. I think they are super professional and I love the product that they deliver. We had obviously quite precise things we wanted done with the interior of the building and I think they delivered totally. They are very easy to work with, they are easy to communicate with. If we ever had anything that we didn’t feel was being done the way we wanted, just a single phone call or email and the problem was solved.

What synergies have been established with other businesses in the development?

I think the relationships we’ve managed to build in Pacific Station have been fantastic because you are just building off each other’s business, so we’ve had referrals and clients from all businesses in here and now that we have the residential side growing, I feel really good about how that is going to help my business grow. It is sort of like that village atmosphere, and even with the building of more commercial space, it is only going to get busier and better for my staff and my business, so I am really excited about that. We’ve got great highway exposure, great parking, all of those things that are important for running a business. It’s awesome, the more, the merrier is what I always say.

For more information on the commercial offices available at Pacific Station, please contact Commercial Real Estate Advisor Devin Jahelka at 250-751-0804 or info@jahelkagroup.com