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Home Marketing Platform

Successfully marketing a property requires crafting a strategy that will tell your home's story, highlighting its unique features and characteristics in a manner that captures the attention of potential buyers.

Below are some of the key elements that may be utilized by the Jahelka Real Estate Group to market your property:


Tailored Home Marketing Plan

With consideration given to your home's unique features, we will determine the primary and secondary target markets that we will be looking to reach in designing a customized marketing plan to get the best market exposure for your home so you can maximize the return on your home in the quickest time possible.


Professional Photography

Most buyers' initial visual exposure to your property will come via photographs on their computer screen. As such, photos will either trigger a buyer to take action and request a viewing with eager anticipation or alternatively will fail to capture the imagination of the buyer and they will take a pass.

We understand the vital role photography plays in marketing a property and so with this end in mind, ensure it is presented in the best light possible.

Floor Plans

Even the best photography or video tours can leave buyers struggling to visualize the layout of a home. For this reason, we utilize floor plans to help buyers see the flow between the rooms and how each space connects, which allows them to start imagining their life within the home.


Immersive 3D Walk Throughs

Using the latest innovative 3D technology which incorporates 3D floor plans, 360-degree views, video-like flow & video game-style control, potential buyers worldwide can now virtually walk through every room of your home as if they were there. 


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can provide a unique perspective, showcasing distinctive properties in a manner that is second only to an on-site showing. Prospective foreign buyers will also appreciate the ability to tour your home from abroad. 

Customized Listing Brochures

Each property will be showcased in customized, magazine-quality brochures designed by our Vancouver based marketing partners responsible for marketing many of West Vancouver’s most prestigious multi-million dollar properties. Containing important information, floor plans and utilizing professional photography to highlight your homes best features, this brochure will make sure your home stands out amongst the competition long after the prospective buyer has left the premises. 

Strategic Online Marketing Campaign

In the digital era we are living in, we stay on top of technological trends and developments, and carefully integrate the most high impact online marketing tools to maximize exposure of your property to targeted potential buyers. Your property will be strategically showcased on multiple websites, across multiple social media platforms, and benefit from the highly sophisticated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics we employ.

Flexible Web Presence

Simply marketing your property online is not enough. The use of mobile devices in home searches is increasing substantially year-over-year, so ensuring compatibility across all types of devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) is vitally important.

Our online marketing platform has been carefully constructed to deliver a premium, easy-to navigate user experience for potential buyers using mobile devices in their home search process. Whether it be accessing property information, or viewing professional photography, videos or floor plans, potential buyers will appreciate the ease of use and functionality of our flexible web presence no matter which type of device they are using to conduct their search.

Open Houses & Agent’s Opens

Driving traffic through your home increases the probability of a quick sale.

When a home is listed, your Real Estate Advisor will personally conduct an open house and provide guided tours to ensure that attention is brought to your home’s unique features and characteristics, and to field any questions from prospective buyers. Throughout the listing period, additional open houses are often used to showcase your property.

In addition, we conduct agent’s opens where we welcome Realtors from multiple brokerages to come in and preview your home for the buyers they are working with.

Innovative Lawn Signs

With approximately 10% of buyers finding their home after seeing a For Sale sign on the front lawn, For Sale signs play a more significant role in the sales process than many people realize. We make sure that your home stands out from the crowd with our innovative, custom-designed signs, equipped with energy-efficient lighting to ensure the sign will capture the attention of potential buyers 24/7.

Aerial Drones

An aerial drone can be effective way to capture the unique features of customized luxury properties and sizeable estates.

Home Staging Recommendations

The goal of home staging is to enhance your home’s best features and highlight the full potential of your property. Staging plays a vital role in ensuring a favorable first impression and helps set your property apart from the competition. Prior to your home hitting the market, we are happy to provide staging tips and suggestions for minor cosmetic upgrades that can be made to improve marketability as well as some ideas for the exterior of your property to enhance its curb appeal.