Glenn Hill of de Hoog & Kierulf architects Discusses His Firm’s Experience at Pacific Station


Written by on March 5th, 2017

In marketing a commercial real estate project, it is our job to paint an accurate picture of what operating in a specific development would be like and how it will ultimately benefit a business making such a move. Pacific Station is such a unique opportunity for professional practices in Nanaimo that it is fairly easy for us to make a compelling case that NOT moving to Pacific Station would be doing a disservice to the future growth prospects for your business. However, at the end of the day this is our take. What you probably want to know is how the move has impacted the existing businesses that have moved into and have been successfully operating from the first two commercial phases of the project.

Therefore, in the first of a series of short videos featuring a range of professional businesses already operating in the development, Glenn Hill, Design Lead at de Hoog & Kierulf architects, discusses his firm’s experience moving to and conducting business in Pacific Station.

How has the move to Pacific Station benefitted your business?

Well, the first big thing was the opportunity to own a space over renting the space or leasing a space, it gives us the opportunity to invest back into our own business. The location at Pacific Station is really quite convenient to within the city limits, and we are surrounded here by like-minded professional entrepreneurs and small business owners who are developing a really interesting professional hub here at Pacific Station.

Describe your experience working with Westmark Construction.

Our relationship with Westmark is very positive, we have a very good working relationship. We’ve done several projects, residential, and Westmark actually helped us with our owner fit-outs in this space. When we moved in we were very small and had a very limited budget, but since moving into Pacific Station I’ve had the opportunity to design two quite elaborate interiors for other owners that purchased at Pacific Station and Westmark were the contractor for that and did a really good job and finished off the work for each of those clients in a very professional and successful manner.

What synergies have been established with other businesses in the development?

It’s really interesting being surrounded by like-minded professionals. The Nowik Team next door have referred several of the clients to me, for either opportunities to develop their land or get to into residential projects with them. We work very closely with Sorensen & Associates, they are structural engineers. They are kind of the most important professional we work with when designing buildings of all scales and natures, they are right next door to us. We also enjoy going next door to the creative team at The Cutting Room, keeping us fashionably attired, so there are those kind of synergies as well. It is being surrounded by creative, but also very professional businesses that makes this place a really interesting place to do business.

For more information on the commercial offices available at Pacific Station, please contact Commercial Real Estate Advisor Devin Jahelka at 250-751-0804 or info@jahelkagroup.com