Joanna Gerrard, Office Manager / Marketing Specialist (unlicensed)

Joanna Gerrard

Office Manager / Marketing Specialist (unlicensed)

Born, raised and educated in England before making Canada her home,  Joanna Gerrard  had a passion for real estate and renovating houses from an early age with attempts to get her parents to engage in elaborate additions and renovations to their home in order to fulfil her need to enhance and perfect a living space.

While Joanna’s educational background took her in a different direction, most notably to France and Spain and to a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages and Information Systems, it afforded her the opportunity to indulge in her interest in travel whilst learning about different cultures and how they live and work.  In this way Joanna was able to study the procedures and methods employed by businesses and individuals in order to identify their goals and objectives to create systems and procedures that achieve them in the most efficient and effective way.  A Master’s Degree in Marketing soon followed completion of her Bachelor’s Degree providing Joanna with an avenue to further develop strategies for understanding and serving consumers of products and services, and for coordinating the activities necessary to satisfy their short term goals and to anticipate and fulfil their long term goals. To further enhance her communication and customer service skills Joanna has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and at all stages of their life from children to the elderly, and in a variety of different industries from healthcare, to the hospitality industry,  to commercial finance.

Upon moving to Canada Joanna settled in the Okanagan where she and her husband started their family and began to indulge in their shared passion for renovating houses.  A move in 2013 to Vancouver Island allowed Joanna, her husband and their two children to embrace the West Coast lifestyle in the Harbour City where their renovation skills have been put to very good use!

Throughout the process of buying and selling houses, Joanna and her husband soon recognized the need to work with a trustworthy real estate professional with whom they could forge a long term relationship and who could be relied upon to provide an exceptional level of service and to protect their best interests at each step of what is often the most critical journey and the biggest investment in a person’s life - finding the place they will call home.  Rather than satisfying their needs and objectives, multiple interactions with different realtors in various areas over the years further identified the gaps between what was needed and what was available until a chance meeting with Carlee demonstrated that others share Joanna’s values and beliefs. In this initial meeting there was a strong connection and a collaboration of like ideas and ideals began to flow, ultimately culminating in Joanna joining the Jahelka Group as the team’s Office Manager & Marketing Specialist, a role that will allow Joanna to combine her passions for real estate with the opportunity to nurture long term client relationships by using her personal skills and attributes,  previous work experiences and education for the betterment of each client’s experience, in the process truly raising the standards in the local real estate market as a whole – Real Estate Redefined!



Joanna Gerrard, Office Manager / Marketing Specialist (unlicensed)

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