Devin Jahelka, Principal / Advisor - Commercial & Investment

Devin Jahelka

Principal / Advisor - Commercial & Investment

The real estate industry, and more specifically the services you can expect from your real estate professional are in the midst of tremendous change. Devin is at the forefront of this change on Vancouver Island. Devin uses his unique knowledge base, background, and expertise to tailor his advisory services to meet the unique investment objectives, time horizons and service requirements of individual, corporate, and institutional investors transacting in Commercial and Investment Real Estate.

A sophisticated investor himself, Devin has been investing in the public markets since the age of 18 and has been a real estate investor since his early 20s. Devin is uniquely qualified in both areas and understands the increasing role that real estate is playing in the portfolios of many investors as the aging population struggles to generate yield from traditional sources (fixed income, dividends etc.), and is your go to source to advise you on the role real estate can play in solidifying your financial future.

Devin has carved out a strategic career path that gives him an extremely unique outlook and ability to analyze the merits of a prospective real estate transaction or alternatively, develop and execute a comprehensive strategic marketing plan for your multi-family building, retail plaza, or commercial development. Prior to entering the real estate industry, Devin spent a number of years working in Vancouver in the Private Wealth division of a prominent Global Investment Banking firm working with a high performance team providing elite trading and venture capital services for entrepreneurs, high net worth investors and publically traded companies. During his tenure, Devin played an active role in raising millions of dollars through private placement financings and taking numerous companies public via Capital Pool Companies (CPCs) and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). In addition to previously holding his securities licence, Devin attained his CIM designation through the Canadian Securities Institute and previously was qualified as a mortgage sub-broker while working as a Credit Manager responsible for writing loans and mortgages. Devin also spent the first nine years of his career learning all aspects of small business management while serving in a variety of roles for a growing family business on Vancouver Island, equipping him with the knowledge and experience required to competently advise businesses of all sizes on their real estate needs. Devin holds a Business degree (with distinction) and has completed the Sauder School of Business at UBC's esteemed Urban Land Economics Program (DULE), whereby he has undertaken specialized training on topics such as Real Estate Finance, Appraisal, Real Estate Investment Analysis & Advanced Income Appraisal, Real Estate Law, Residential & Commercial Property Management, among others. During his studies Devin received numerous awards for academic achievement, most notably the Stanley W. Hamilton Award for achieving the highest overall standing in the DULE program.  

In addition to advising clients on commercial and investment transactions, as Principal and Co-Founder of the Jahelka Real Estate Group, Devin oversees the day-to-day operations and is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of this boutique operation.

Away from the office, Devin lives an active lifestyle and can often be found on the water enjoying the incredible abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities that Vancouver Island offers such as boating, offshore fishing, scuba diving, kayaking and waterskiing. An adventure traveller, Devin has travelled to more than 50 countries, which has largely served as the inspiration for the charity he is in the process of co-founding that will focus on a number of initiatives intended to help build sustainable communities in developing nations.

Devin Jahelka, Principal / Advisor - Commercial & Investment

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